Pump sales

  • Pump sale
  • Spare parts
  • Couplings
  • Mechanical plugs
  • Frequency inverters
  • Electric motors
  • Accessories

Consultant service

Our general aim is to find solutions for your engineering applications. We do not prefer just a one pump manufacturer. We judge and deliver pumps accordings price requirements and the best efficiency.

Complex deliveries

We provide also complex deliveries of pumps, industrial valves and metallurgical material.

Pump repairs

  • We guarantee warranty and after-waranty service
  • We carry out regular repairs and capitral repair as well
  • We provide a training for operators
  • We provide a pump assembly and an implementation into a manufacturing process
  • We provide a vibrodiagnostic testing and meassurement
  • We perform a laser axis alignement of aggregates
  • We provide a function test according ISO 9906 standard

Our technicians repair pumps directly in a workshop or in our repair centre.

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